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Organic rug washing with the aid of natural soapberries

Organic rug washing, an especially gentle type of rug and carpet cleaning, is another special service from Royal Rug & Carpet Care in Zurich, Basel, Winterthur and throughout Switzerland. This type of hand washing uses certified soapberries from so-called "soapberry trees" from the Indian Himalayas as an organic natural product. The extract obtained from these berries serves as a natural detergent for traditional and especially gentle organic rug washing. We contribute to maintaining the value of your precious floor decoration through thorough care and cleaning.

Soapberries from the Himalayas for organic rug washing throughout Switzerland

Dust and dirt afflict every rug over the years - your rug will only retain its value with regular rug and carpet cleaning and will therefore still be a pretty sight even after several decades. Thanks to organic rug washing at our carpet laundering facility and repair workshop , all contaminants can be gently and carefully removed by hand. Natural detergents, like the Himalayan soapberry extract, deliver an exceptionally high-quality result.

First of all, the rug is soaked and rinsed with fresh water. The soapberry extract is used by mixing it into the water. Hidden dirt particles are released from the fibres using soft brushes. After organically washing the rug, we place the carpet rolled-up inside a long spin dryer, to extract as much water as possible in a gentle way before drying. Finally, your antique, oriental or silk rug is brushed and combed through again and left to hang in the fresh air to dry.

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