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Rug evaluation by our experts in Zurich and throughout Switzerland

Upon request, we will provide you with a qualified expertise or expert opinion for your rugs, whether you need it for events of damage or loss and insurance claims or in connection with estates and inheritances.

Our experts can provide you with all the details about your carpets. Among other things, you will learn where your rugs had been knotted, what the quality of your carpets is and especially how much they are worth.

The value of a rug can only be determined by seasoned experts, as many factors play are role. Among many other factors, the country of origin, the material, the number of knots per square metre and hence the fineness, determine the value of your rugs.

This is what you need to do:

1. Take pictures of your rug with as much detail as possible and upload them as an e-mail attachment:

  • General view
  • Sectional view of the rug
  • Back, zoomed in
  • Pictures of damages, if any

2. Measure the dimensions of the carpet and record them in the message field, together with any information that is known to you.

3. Our experts will get in touch with you after you have submitted the form.

Two options are available to you:

The expertise covers details about the origin, size, density, age, material and sales value along with other general information about the rug.
Cost: CHF [Swiss Francs] 99.00

Expert opinion
In addition to the details in the expertise, the expert opinion describes comprehensive relevant information for insurance companies, probate courts and other agencies or organisations. It includes among other things the pattern, the knotting technique, the present condition and the current market and insurable value.

Cost: 3% of the rug’s value

For further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.