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Our tips for you!

In the event of water damage:

Quick action is essential in the event of water damage. Rugs start to smell unpleasant after only a short time, become bulging and the colours of their pattern get damaged. To prevent this from happening, it is important to follow these tips:

  • Cover the whole rug with an absorbent white cloth to prevent damage to the colours.
  • Then tightly roll up the rug including the white cloth to squeeze the water out of the pile and repeat this process, using another dry cloth as needed.
  • Then lay out your rug openly for drying.
  • Professional carpet cleaning is subsequently required to prevent billowing and moulding and to remove any colours that may have bled.

For stain removal:

Stains blemish the overall appearance of your valuable rugs. Do the following in order to proceed correctly and to avoid the stains from getting worse:

  • Beverage stains caused e.g. by beer, lemonade, cocoa and coffee should only be treated by local dabbing with lukewarm water.
  • Red wine stains should be slightly moistened with carbonated mineral water and drizzled with salt.
  • Blood stains can be removed by dabbing with cold water

No household remedies will work to remove other stains, such as urine, pen marks, oil and protein stains. In these cases, we recommend the professional stain removal by our specialists.

Rug storage:

Rugs that are not laid out and vacuumed at least once a week offer the prefect living conditions for mites and moths. Below are some tips for proper storage:

  • Rugs should not be folded for longer than a few days, in order to prevent pleats and pile deformations and must therefore be rolled.
  • Rolled rugs should regularly be unrolled and vacuumed; we recommend doing this at least every one or two weeks.

We would be pleased to take on this task for you and store your rugs properly, professionally and protected from moths.

If you move:

Moving is the perfect opportunity to have your rugs professionally cleaned. Not only will we clean your rugs, but we will deliver them to your new home. Our services are available throughout Switzerland.

If you go on vacation

We recommend having your rugs picked up by us shortly before you go on vacation so that you will not be without your rugs while they are being cleaned. We will return them after your vacation or on your preferred date.

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